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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Product Spotlight: Dinosaur Onesie

We thought it would be fun to shine the light on one of our favourite products. As you can see it's completely awesome: a dinosaur onesie for adults. It's made by Sazac, a Japanese brand which is widely regarded as the original and leading manufacturer of this type of product (animal-themed adult onesies).

It's made of a super-soft polyester fleece material, so it works well as pyjamas as well as (obviously) a cosplay or fancy dress costume. Dress up as a Tyrannosaurus Rex, or you could equally get away with Godzilla. It is Japanese after all!

This dinosaur onesie features a pointy set of white teeth and the hood has a red inner lining, which really enhances its ferociously bloodthirsty appearance. It also has a set of green 'spikes' (if you can call them that - they're very soft) running up the back of the outfit. It's suitable for adults up to about 6ft tall.