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Monday, 22 July 2013

New Dog Mugs

We've been busy adding some new products to the ZooHood shop website, and there are 2 lovely new dog-themed products to tell you about. Well made and well presented, these two additions to our range of animal mugs are made of porcelain and come with a matching gift box. They would make great dog-themed gifts for any dog lovers in your life, or a lovely new addition to your own kitchen.

This mug features Percy the Dachsund, or Sausage Dog if you prefer. Percy also appears on the lid of the gift box. You can buy this Dachsund dog mug here: www.zoohood.co.uk/percy-the-dachsund-mug/

On the other hand this mug features Monty the French Bulldog, again also appearing on the lid of the gift box. You can buy this bull-dog mug here: www.zoohood.co.uk/monty-the-bulldog-mug/

If whippets are your kind of dog, then this is the mug for you. The mug and box feature Archie the whippet on a pleasant blue background. You can buy this whippet dog mug here: www.zoohood.co.uk/archie-the-whippet-dog-mug/
Lastly, here is Colin the Schnauzer appearing on a brown-orange mug and gift box. He's named after the pet from Simon Pegg's classic TV show Spaced, also a Schnauzer, and just as cute. You can buy this schnauzer dog mug here: www.zoohood.co.uk/colin-the-schnauzer-dog-mug/