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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Sweet Holic Onesies!

We've been hard at work adding a whole bunch of new products -  animal onesies by Sweet Holic - to the ZooHood site, and we're really pleased to say that as of today the work is now complete and the products are live! They're all available on the Sweet Holic page - go and check them out, they're seriously awesome.

Sweet Holic are one of the original manufacturers of animal onesies, a craze that has been around for coming up to 5 years now and which still seems to be growing. Their designs include dragons, bulls, panthers, cheetahs, skunks and unicorns. They rock.

In total we've added 21 Sweet Holic onesies, and each of them is available in 3 different adult sizes. So there really is one for everyone, no matter what size and shape you are and no matter what your favourite animal might happen to be. Added to the animal onesies we already stock (by brands such as Sazac and BCozy), we now have a grand total of 75 different designs. Yes you heard right - SEVENTY FIVE. We're so pleased to have so many - although they take up a huge amount of our warehouse space, doing the photoshoots is a lot of fun. You guys seem to be enjoying wearing them too, and as long as you keep buying them we'll keep expanding our range with all sorts of new animal onesies.