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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Cat Prank Calls 999

A cat has been causing trouble in Kilburn, Scotland, wasting police time and getting his owner's front door smashed in.

The fantastically named cat, Bruce Lee, is a young pedigree Singapura - one of the smallest breeds of cat in the world and renowned for their playful nature. He was left home alone on Thursday morning and whilst playing with one of his favourite toys - his owner's phone, somehow managed to dial 999, pause briefly and then hang up. Concerned police rushed to the scene, and after they didn't get an answer they smashed the door in only to find the phone on the floor and a scared Bruce hiding in a wardrobe.

Bruce's owner, Mr Cocksbridge, said “Bruce Lee is still in shock. We’ve been cuddling him, rubbing his belly, prodding him, throwing his favourite balls so he can fetch them. He likes that. But we’ve also started to unplug the phone when we’re out. He’s got a cheeky side to him, and he might do it again, although he’d be silly to.”

A police spokeswoman said: “We take all abandoned calls seriously. These calls are typically resolved with a call back from a police operator, confirming the need for police. When call backs are unanswered, checks are carried out, and police will respond to the address where appropriate.”