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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

New Animal-Themed Gifts from Gama-Go

We've just added an exciting new bunch of gifts to our range of animal-themed products. These quirky-yet-practical, perfect stocking-fillers are all made by clever San Francisco design company Gama Go, and they're all awesome.  Check out the sneak peak below, or head on over to the Gama-Go page to buy, or for more details...

Mole Miner - LED Keyring

Our first ever mole-themed product! This guy may be pretty small but he's massively cute. Attach him to your keys and push his tail to light up the LED in his helmet.

You can buy the mole here: www.zoohood.co.uk/mole-miner-led-key-ring/

Kitty Keys - Cat Key Caps

Use these kitty key caps to colour-code your keys, or just give them a happy cat face. They come in a pack of six, and will fit most key shapes.

You can buy the kitty key caps here: www.zoohood.co.uk/kitty-key-caps/

Monster Mash - Potato Masher

Do the monster mash, with this Monster Potato Masher. It will also function perfect;y well as a dinosaur-themed gift, of you are so inclined.

You can buy the Monster Mash Potato Masher here: www.zoohood.co.uk/monster-mash-potato-masher/

Magnetic Key Holders - Bull and Puppy

If you're anything like me, you're always losing your keys. These clever products are perfect to tackle the problem. When you get home just slot the keys into the magnetic nose ring, in the case of the bull, or dog collar in the case of the puppy, and you'll always know where to find them.

You can buy the bull here: www.zoohood.co.uk/bull-nose-ring-key-holder/ and the puppy here: www.zoohood.co.uk/puppy-keyring-clip/