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Friday, 11 September 2015

10 Stories: Our New Project Combining Stories Written by Kids with Fantastic Illustrations

10 Stories Banner

Woohoo! The team behind ZooHood are pleased to announce that we have launched our new project, 10 Stories. The idea is simple: Short stories written by kids, illustrated by artists.

Back in April we worked with a class of 8-11 year old writers, and asked them to write us a set of very short stories, about 150 words long. The results were incredible. The stories included a farting unicorn, a terminally ill boy who develops wings, a wizard crocodile struggling to cope with bullying, and a toilet squid. Like we said, incredible.

Next, we gathered a collective of 10 artists and asked them to choose their favourite stories to illustrate. They set about creating their artworks, either inspired by the story or illustrating its narrative. We weren't sure if the artwork would do justice to the fantastic stories, but by 'eck they sure did. Colourful, bold and beautiful, these pieces of art are something else!

We've now combined the original handwritten stories with the corresponding illustration, and have made the combined piece available to buy as a poster or print, with 20% of our profits going to Rockinghourse, a children's charity which was voted for by our young writers.

Here's a glimpse of some of the artwork, but check out the full range at www.10stories.co.uk.

How Rainbows are Created
How Rainbows are Created is a story by 9 year old Rebecca about the origins of rainbows, featuring Gary the 21 year old farting Unicorn. Get the print here.

Mr Magic
Mr Magic is a story by 10 year old Lola about a wizard who can turn himself into a crocodile, and has an enemy who taunts him. Get the print here.

The Non-Stop Talking Orange
The Non-Stop Talking Orange is a story by 9 year old Raneem about an orange who talks and talks and talks, and the tensions this causes in his relationship with other fruits. Get the print here.

...and don't forget to visit www.10stories.co.uk to view the rest.