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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

5 sloth products that you need in your life

Sloths are care-free, slow moving animals that spend most of their lives hanging from branches of trees asleep. They are super cute animals and there is a lot of support for these little guys including a website called Slothville which has set up a Sloth Appreciation Society. Yes, its full of cute sloth pictures and has heaps of supporters all celebrating how wonderful they are. 

Do you have a sloth like friend who has a care free attitude and relaxed lifestyle which is the envy of all around? The one who shows up late but doesn’t care and somehow you can’t get mad because they are just ‘sloth like’. We’ve rounded up 5 sloth products that you need in your life to make the world a more relaxing place.

Sloths are known for taking life easy and taking time out to relax. The sloth onesie is ideal for lazy pyjama days and sleepy Sundays. Enjoy a day of chilling and find time to rejuvenate and de stress. The super soft, cuddly, brown and cream sloth onesie features a cute sloth face and claw hand covers which can be worn over the hands or can hang loose if you want a slightly milder sloth look. 

Sloth Onesie

Sock it to me Sloth socks - Chicksrule
These bright coloured, sock it to me, fun socks are all the trend and a flash of these will certainly put a smile on your colleagues faces. Knee high, pink socks feature little sloths hanging from tree branches waving and smiling. We love these socks almost as much as their name; sock it to me!

Sloth Socks

The well-dressed sloth t-shirt features a rather smart looking Sloth in a purple jacket and grey waistcoat. It’s quite a contrast to a Sloths usual attire making it ideal for any laid back friends and family members. Part of the Well Dressed Animals range, this t-shirt is made from organic cotton and printed in the UK.

Sloth T Shirt

The ‘I Love Starbucks’ personalised Sloth coffee cup can be personalised to make the perfect gift for any sloth loving friend. Cup features cute image of a sloth drinking from a Starbucks mug taking life easy.

Sloth Coffee Mug

Sloth Wisdom Book available on Amazon

An absolute must for all sloth lovers who like to take life a little bit easier than most. The book contains a collection of charming illustrations and slothful sayings to slow down the seriousness of day to day life. Described by one customer as a ‘Funny and accurate procrastinator pearls of wisdom to share with those who just need a breather.’ Sounds perfect!!

Sloth Wisdom Book