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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Halloween costumes don’t have to be scary

Halloween is a great excuse to dress up and scare the living daylights out of all your friends, family and neighbors in Zombie fancy dress, as a witch, a skeleton or even Dracula himself. But what if you have young kids who are literally terrified at the thought of seeing Trick or Treater's at the door on Halloween or what if they are too scared to dress up as a scary Zombie? 

In the US, Halloween is one of the biggest holidays in the year and whilst dressing up is a key part of the celebrations, Americans choose a wide range of costumes including superheroes, pirates and animals. We’ve come across a couple of blogs this year suggesting alternate costumes for Halloween and here are the most popular alternatives.

Harry Potter
The boy wizard Harry, is a popular choice for all young children who are fans of JK Rowling’s books and the many films that have been released in recent years. A Wizards cloak and a stripey red and yellow tie or scarf are all that you need to look like you are ready for your first year at Hogwarts.

Animal Onesies
Animal onesies are very popular in the US as they are both comfy and practical at this time of the year as the temperature drops and Winter draws in. Our favorites for Halloween are the BCozy monster onesies and these are available for adults and kids so the whole family can coordinate. After the recent success of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Meghan Trainor we think there might be an influx of green monsters and giraffe lurking around this Halloween.

Super Heros 
Super heros are always a popular option with both young boys and girls who want to dress up as their idol from their favourite TV show or comic.  Batman and the Dark Knight results in some great Halloween costumes as do a fun Batman, Robin, The Joker and Batgirl combo. Or you can never go really wrong with Superman and Supergirl.