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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Are you making a Christmas Eve box?

When I first heard of a Christmas Eve box, I have to admit that I thought it was crazy because who opens presents on Christmas Eve? Everyone knows that you have to wait until Christmas Day after Santa has visited. Well I’ve converted and Im making a Penguin themed Christmas box. This year, we are making a Christmas box with a few small gifts, treats and other goodies that we can open and enjoy on Christmas Eve. In fact here’s what’s going in our Penguin themed Christmas Box (so far).

Pyjamas for each family member have to be included in a Christmas box. We often spend much of Christmas morning in our PJ’s after getting up early to open the first round of presents, interspersed by a full English breakfast followed by a few further presents. Having a brand new pair of sleepwear is great and this year we are all getting animal onesies. I am going for a Christmas theme with Penguin Onesies and I can’t forget to get something fun for the dogs too.

Traditionally Christmas Eve evening is spent in front of the TV watching a movie. This year I am throwing in a Penguins of Madagascar DVD into the Christmas box. I've never seen it but I am a huge fan of Madagascar and hoping that it’s a feel good movie. Are there any other good penguin movies?

Hot Chocolate
Christmas markets are always full of delicious smells and for me one of those has to be Hot Chocolate and other probably Mulled Wine. Whilst the two don’t necessarily go together, I think that there is plenty of time to enjoy both throughout Christmas Eve. I've found some great Penguin mugs at Debenhams where its now a 4 mugs for £10. 

Mince Pies
As a kid, I always left Mince Pie outside for Santa and to ensure the mince pies were edible we always use to sample one or two on Christmas Eve. For me this is a tradition and one I’m definitely keen to keep because you can’t beat a homemade mince pie. We will be adding some delicious homemade mince pies in the box which we intent to make on Christmas Eve. 

A Christmas Book
Reading is important and over the Christmas period when there are so many distractions I think its important to find time to relax and read. It’s a great way of calming down after all the madness of Christmas. I will be adding copies of The Snowman and The Snowman and Snow dog by Raymond Briggs into the box as its such a great Christmas story. And there are a few penguins in there. 

Arts and Crafts?
On Christmas Eve we always try and make something festive which we can hang on the tree or on the wall which is a gentle reminder that Christmas is only a day away. I found these absolutely awesome penguin pine cone decorations which are super cute and completely on the penguin theme that I am trying to create. You can find out how to make these over at the Hello Wonderful Blog

What are you putting into your box?