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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Skiing in Animal Onesies

Animal onesies have become a popular feature on slopes across Europe and America. They are super comfortable, warm, bright and baggy enough to ski and snow board in so we can see why. Plus, it’s pretty amusing to see a tiger or two on the pistes, an adventurous dinosaur exploring the powder or a unicorn wiping out as everyone knows unicorns cant ski.

Image via: https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/365706432214485853/

Last year we saw a group of giraffes on a ski lift and it certainly made everyone smile. We weren’t sure whether they were fully prepared for a night of apres ski or whether they just wanted to stand out and get some great pictures worthy of social media. It certainly looked like they were having a lot of fun zipping past over skiers in what appeared to be a fast paced downhill race.

We often get asked what’s best to wear on a ski trip and it really depends on ability. I would never suggest that a beginner, who is likely to have the odd fall here and there, wears an animal onesie as they aren’t waterproof so it won’t keep you dry. Plus, its fairly daunting learning to ski so you will probably want to just concentrate on skiing rather than having any added distractions. A dinosaur tail getting in the way of your Snow Plough turns could be a bit disastrous leaving you whizzing off on one ski completely out of control. 

In contrast, if you are a confident skier and part of a large group of friends or part of a University trip then statement animal onesies are the perfect choice. You can wear them over your ski gear and there is a lot of fun to be had racing down the slopes dressed as an animal. Ski resorts have launched hashtags on social media encouraging skiers to tag themselves in their alternative ski wear. This guy found fame in a Panda Onesie with #WhistlerOnesie on Instagram gaining likes from the skiing community because 'Pandas like to ski'. 
Image via Instagram: Search #WhistlerOnesie

Now grab a onesie and face the cold in style. Oh and did we mention that if you are flying with Easy Jet and trying to keep luggage to a minimum then onesies also double up as a warm pair of PJs, evening attire, apres ski costumes, rave ware and just about everything else. Have fun and stay safe.